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Our simple to use App Maker will guide you through the steps to design your App in minutes. 

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Our iPhone Apps are beautifully designed with a clean, intuitive interface for your fans to enjoy.

Your fans share, shop, listen and play on their phones now more than ever.  If you are a serious musician or artist, having a mobile presence is not a luxury, it's a necessity. 

Top 3 Reasons You Need an App

The new music fan is digital & mobile

Fans can discover & share your music

Increase revenue & connect with fans

TIME Magazine reported that for the first time ever digital music sales passed those of physical CD's generating revenue of over 1.2 billion dollars!

What does all of this mean for you as an artist?

Here's the deal. Music fans are increasingly mobile and digital. There have been over 50 billion Apps downloaded from iTunes. That's billion! No wonder the New York Times recently stated we live in "a world dominated by mobile devices." 

In the new music market, you need to have a mobile presence. There are some of your fans who don't even have a computer anymore... they have their phone. How are you going to connect with those mobile fans who are increasing in numbers every day, month and year?

Studies have shown that customers not only want easy mobile navigation on their phones - many of them view it as a necessity. Potential customers will stop interacting with you if you don't have easy navigation on their mobile device. An App guarantees that your fans will have that kind of fun, elegant interaction with you and your music, which is critical with the new mobile and digital fans. 

Why are you here and where did we come from?

You're here because you know that having an App is beneficial to you as an artist. Chances are you may have even looked into other companies only to be disappointed. What you probably discovered is that creating an App with them is way too expensive, way too technical and difficult or they are terribly designed and clunky.  

The founders are a musician, sound engineer and a programmer who got tired of having to pay too much for quality Apps. We knew there was a better way. 

So we decided to build our own company and give other artists the same thing we needed: an App company that offers elegant, simple to design Apps (with no technical skills needed), at a price that's easy to afford. Our competitors charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for an App and then tack on additional set up fees and monthly maintenance fees. Our pricing is simple and was created with bands and artists in mind. 

Don't get left behind in a world dominated by mobile devices!
Be at the forefront of the new mobile and digital music paradigm.


Avenue H App Now Available

Posted on by BlackEyed

Avenue H App IconAvenue H’s app is now available! Avenue H is a smooth jazz trio from Bend, Oregon featuring Dan Leonardo on sax, Sam Hobbs on bass and Conor Miller on keys and guitar.

Download App

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