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Black Eyed Mobile Apps is a Creative Design Company based in Bend, Oregon that specializes in creating custom iPhone, iTouch, and iPad Applications for Bands, Businesses, Organizations and Events. With an eye for detail and an intense focus on performance fluidity, our Apps compete with the very best applications available on the market today.

iPhone APPs FOR your BUSINESS, band or organization from just $499

Three reasons you need a custom iPhone App by Black Eyed Mobile Apps:

Black Eyed Productions: Enation iPhone App

Promote Yourself

Every business looks for opportunities to promote. When people get a new App they are usually excited to let their friends know about it. Word gets around fast. By having your custom iPhone App your business not only establishes a relationship with the clients you already have, but gives them another opportunity to talk about you in every day conversation. Those clients are also now tied directly into your company and the App gives you access to communicate with them on a regular basis via iPhone App updates at your initiative (which remind them you exist!), or from a Twitter or Facebook feed that is directly linked into your App, allowing them to stay up to speed on any kind of communication you want from anywhere in the world.

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Build Your Brand

Having your own custom iPhone App builds your company's brand. The Logo that appears on the iPhone front face is only the beginning; throughout the App through photos, language, and creative design your brand is being placed front and center in people's minds, which again, builds a stronger relationship with your customers. A phone is one of the most personal and widely used extensions of our lives, and your company would benefit greatly from literally being branded into it.

Black Eyed Productions: Hot Head Burritos App

Build Your IMAGE: Apps are Cool

It seems so basic, but it's true; Apps are just plain cool. And fun. That's why the gross of Apple's iPhone Apps in one year is 2.4 Billion Dollars! Nearly half of iPhone users buy at least one App every month! (*source, AdMob)

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Companies are still just starting to catch on to the incredible marketing ability Apps represent for their businesses, so now is the time to be on the cutting edge of the creative marketing field. Secure and grow your customer base, enhance your business brand, and increase your businesses aesthetic appeal.

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In Development

In addition to those currently available in Apple's App Store, we have several more in development: Jonathan Jackson, Rusty Grape Vineyard, Dustin Ruth, Ricky Lee Jackson, and Ashbrook Aesthetics